Dawson City Burger Bonanza

Meet the 2021 Burgers

A slice of cheeseburger pizza and a burger cookie.

Marie’s Cookie Burger

Pizza Burger

Bacon cheeseburger, meet pizza! Fully loaded with ground beef, sizzling bacon, juicy tomato, onion and pickle juice, covered in a mix of mozza and cheddar cheese and finished with drizzles of ketchup, mayo and BBQ sauce and a sprinkle of sesame seeds.

Marie’s Cookie Burger

It’s a cookie that looks like a burger! A chocolate brownie patty sandwiched in a cookie bun and topped with sweet icing condiments.

Sold as a combo for $7.49

The Cowboy Burger


A BBQ beef burger on a toasted Brioche bun topped with Swiss cheese, crispy onions, spicy jalapeño bottle caps, bacon, creamy roasted garlic aioli, mixed greens, and slices of tomato and pickle. Giddy up!


Lil J's cowboy burger
Dawson City Burger Bonanza Downtown Teriyaki Pork Burger
Dawson City Burger Bonanza Downtown Falafel Burger

Teriyaki Burger/

Falafel Burger

Teriyaki Burger

A succulent ground pork burger smothered in teriyaki sauce, topped with lettuce, onions and grilled pineapple.

Falafel Burger

A falafel pattie on a toasted bun with lettuce, crunchy pickled carrot and onion, and a drizzle of house-made maple sesame dressing.


Pizza Burgers

Hawaiian Chicken Burger

Crispy chicken burger topped with ham, pineapple, banana peppers, pizza sauce and cheese- can’t go to Hawaii so we’re bringing it to you!

Pizza Burger Deluxe

Can’t decide between slice of pizza or a burger? No fear! This burger will taste just like a classic pizza slice with pepperoni, bacon, mushroom and cheese.  Match made in heaven.


Dawson City Burger Bonanza Pan of Gold Hawaiian Chicken Burger
Dawson City Burger Bonanza Pan of Gold Pizza Burger
Dawson City Burger Bonanza Big Al's Classic Burger

Big Al’s Classic Burger


A 6oz pure, lean beef burger dressed as you wish.  Take this opportunity to have your burger made exactly how you like it!  All the classic favourite burger toppings await- only available Friday and Saturday inside Diamond Tooth Gerties!


Greek Sliders

A new take on an old favourite.  These beef sliders sit on a bed of spinach, tomato, onion and cucumber.  Finished off with tzaziki, parsley, feta and an olive- get in out of the cold and picture yourself on a warm Greek island with this dish!



Greek sliders from The Goat

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